Londonwide Physio Ltd is an associated company of East Finchley Clinic, a well established North London physiotherapy practice. Run by Wendy Longworth, it has built up an enviable reputation with patients and health professionals for getting people back on their feet.

The Londonwide team comprises specialised physiotherapists who have experience in treating neurological and orthopaedic conditions as well as more routine complaints. They are backed by our management processes to ensure consistent quality in delivery of services.

What we treat

We treat a wide range of patients with conditions including –
- Stroke
- Parkinsons disease
- Multiple sclerosis
- Head injury
- Spinal cord injury
- Care of older persons in care and nursing homes
- Rehabilitation of young disabled patients

Reasearch & Practice

Wendy Longworth combines years of experience in treating patients with objective research that helps drive the treatment programmes. These include research into physiotherapy and/or its use in the treatment of acupuncture and neck pain, lumbar disc protrusions and neurological conditions. Extracts from published and unpublished work will appear on this website.